Kevin Ian Bryan

Kevin Ian Bryan

Computer Tips - Android


Swiftkey (paid app) - The best keyboard on Android. It handles both predictive words and flow typing. This is the first app I install on my Android devices.
Google Drive - This app lets you store documents or files in the cloud for easy use. Essential for storing your documents if you have a Google account.
KeePassDroid - The Android version of a free encrypted password locker. Great for holding your passwords in a cloud environment securely.
GQueues (paid app) - A full-featured to-do task app. Lets you schedule recurring tasks + lots more.


BeyondPod (paid app) - This is the best way to listen to podcasts on your mobile device.
InBrowser - Private browsing on your mobile device. Works just like incognito mode in Google Chrome.
Movies by Flixster - Gives movie times and locations and collated reviews from (% out of 100).

Social Networks

Plume + Plume Premium (paid app) - A Twitter app. Handles multiple accounts well.
Hangouts - Google's real-time communication app. Handles chat and video, with SMS coming soon.


Note: All the games below use Google Play Games for the login.
QuizUp - Enter into head-to-head quiz competitions on a large variety of topics with people all over the world.
Beach Buggy Blitz - A dune buggy racing game with Google Play Games Cloud Sync.

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